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 Let's go fishing

Attention experienced anglers! The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department needs you as a volunteer fishing instructor for the Let's Go Fishing program, where you'll have a chance to teach basic fishing to youth and adults. The Let's Go Fishing program will hold certification trainings for new fishing instructors on Saturday, March 29, from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Fish and Game Region 1 office, 629B Main Street in Lancaster; and on Saturday, April 5, from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Fish and Game Headquarters, 11 Hazen Drive in Concord. It is only necessary to attend one of the scheduled training classes to become certified. The certification program is required in order to be an instructor in this popular, long-standing program.
To sign up for the free training, call Lisa Collins at (603) 271-3212 or email aquatic-ed@wildlife.nh.gov; in addition, you must print out and return a Let's Go Fishing volunteer application form, which can be found on the Fish and Game website at http://www.wildlife.state.nh.us/Fishing/lets_go_fishing.htm (or ask to get one by mail when you call). Applications must be received by March 21 to reserve your spot in the class. Lunch will be served. 
The Let's Go Fishing Program's basic fishing classes are fun, easy to teach and very popular. The instructor trainings will cover the ins and outs of Let's Go Fishing program operation, teaching techniques and policy and procedures. As well as ethics, pond ecology, rules and regulations and an overview of equipment and safety.
After completing the training, participants have the opportunity to join an existing team of volunteer fishing instructors who present programs across the state. The Let's Go Fishing program also offers: basic freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, ice fishing, fly tying, fly fishing and saltwater fly fishing.
Over the past ten years, thousands of children and adults have learned to be safe, ethical and successful anglers through the Let's Go Fishing program. The program is federally funded through the Sport Fish Restoration Program -- a true user-pay, user-benefit program. Your purchase of fishing tackle, firearms, ammunition, archery equipment and motorboat fuels, along with license sales, helps fund sport fish and wildlife restoration in New Hampshire, in turn providing opportunities for fishing, hunting and other wildlife-associated recreation.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department works to conserve, manage and protect the state's fish and wildlife and their habitats, as well as providing the public with opportunities to use and appreciate these resources. Visit http://www.FishNH.com.

More than 250 depth maps available for NH lakes and ponds

New Hampshire anglers can now access more than 250 depth maps of the state's lakes and ponds on the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department website.
While they are not for navigational use, the maps can help anglers find the sharp dropoff points and other rapid changes in water depth where there is a rich abundance of fish during warm summer months. In addition to providing depth measurements, some of the maps include other information such as species lists, access information and road systems in the surrounding area. Maps continue to be updated periodically with this type of information.
The maps are available free of charge and in easy-to-download PDF format at http://wildlife.state.nh.us/Fishing/bathy_maps.htm.
The data used to create the maps is not currently available for all lakes and ponds in the state. However, as depth data for additional lakes and ponds is generated by N.H. Department of Environmental Services survey crews, maps of those waterbodies will be developed and posted to the website. 

For more information about fishing in New Hampshire, visit http://www.wildlife.state.nh.us/Fishing/fishing.htm.

Buy your fishing license online anytime at http://www.FishNH.com.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department works to conserve, manage and protect the state's fish and wildlife and their habitats, as well as providing the public with opportunities to use and appreciate these resources. Suggested Fishing Locations

PLEASE NOTE: This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all available fishing locations.
It is a list of suggested locations compiled by fisheries biologists who live and work in the region.
List published by the NH Fish & Game Department.
For more information on fishing in NH go to the NHF&G's Fishing in NH
You can now order a Fishing License online

American Eel Connecticut River (Woodsville south)
Black Crappie Connecticut River (Lancaster south)
Brook Trout All brooks and major river systems, Androscoggin River, upper Connecticut River, Nash Stream, Clear Stream, Indian Stream, Perry Stream, Mohawk River, Simms Stream, Wild River, designated trout ponds: Little Diamond Pond, Joe Coffin Pond, Back Lake, Profile Lake, Echo Lake, South Pond, Little Bog Pond, Trio Ponds, Munn Pond, Sessions Pond, Big Dummer Pond
Brown Trout Ammonoosuc River (Lisbon/Littleton), upper and lower Connecticut River, Androscoggin River, Mohawk River, Simms Stream, Lake Francis, Christine Lake, Little Dummer Pond, Cedar Pond, Moore Reservoir, Streeter Pond
Brown Bullhead Nearly all lakes, ponds, and medium to large rivers, Androscoggin River, Pontook Reservoir (Androscoggin River)
Chain Pickerel Nearly all lakes, ponds, and medium to large rivers, Connecticut River, Lake Umbagog, Big Cherry Pond, Perch Pond, Ogontz Lake, Partridge Lake, Dodge Pond, Moore Reservoir
Cusk (Burbot) 1st and 2nd Connecticut Lake, South Pond, Upper Ammonoosuc River
Fallfish Androscoggin River, Magalloway River
Lake Trout Big Diamond Pond, Connecticut Lakes, Big Greenough Pond, South Pond
Lake Whitefish Upper Connecticut River
Landlocked Salmon 1st and 2nd Connecticut Lakes, Francis Lake, upper Connecticut River
Largemouth Bass Burns Lake, Mirror Lake, Cedar Pond, Martin Meadow Pond, Forest Lake, Moore Reservoir, Partridge Lake, Nay Pond, Jericho Pond, Dodge Pond
Northern Pike Connecticut River and backwaters, Androscoggin River (Milan south) Dodge Pond, Flag Pond, Jericho Pond, Ogontz Lake, Partridge Lake, Moore Reservoir, Perch Pond
Pumpkinseed Nearly all lakes, ponds, and medium to large rivers.
Rainbow Trout Akers Pond, 3rd Connecticut Lake, Cedar Pond, Martin Meadow Pond, Pearl Lake, Streeter Pond, Mirror Lake, Androscoggin River, Ammonoosuc River, Connecticut River, Moose River, Peabody River, Wild River
Rock Bass Connecticut River, Moore Reservoir, Nay Pond, Partridge Lake
Smallmouth Bass

Forest Lake, Lake Umbagog, Moore Reservoir, Back Lake, Cedar Pond, Pontook Reservoir, Mirror Lake, Martin Meadow Pond, Partridge Lake, Nay Pond, Jericho Pond, Androscoggin River, Magalloway River, Connecticut River

Yellow Perch Nearly all lakes, ponds, and medium to large rivers, Connecticut River, Androscoggin River
Walleye Connecticut River (Woodsville south to Mass. border)

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