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The Cohos trail to close

January 2007

The 162-mile Cohos Trail, billed as "the longest single foot trail venture in New Hampshire's history" is closing.

The Cohos Trail Association, which developed and maintains the trail that stretches the length of Coos County, has decided to close most of the trail system. President Kim Nilsen said the small association does not generate enough income to adequately maintain most of the trail and its structures in 2007. The 2 mile section of the trail through the Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge will remain open.

To facilitate the closing of the trail, the Cohos Trail website will soon post that the trail is closed. Laminated signs on grade posts will be set at trailheads indicating the footways are no longer passable. The guidebook and maps are no longer being sold now.

Nilsen may be reached at 363-8902 or at wilshy@worldpath.net for more information about the closing of the trail.

Dixville Notch

Day Hikes
(Information from www.cohostrail.org/dayhikes.html Please visit them for much more information on hiking and features of the Great North Woods)
Connecticut Lakes Region

Trail or DestinationWhereRankFeature
Back roads, abandoned farms Stewartstown Easy Regeneration
Clarksville Pond Clarksville Easy Mt. pond
Ben Young Hill Clarksville, Route 145 Moderate Vast views south
Murphy Dam Pittsburg Easy Huge lake, dam
Lake Francis Trail Pittsburg Moderate Huge lake, forest
PG&E picnic grounds First Lake, Pittsburg Easy Vast lake, dam
West Bay Trail Pittsburg Moderate Views of vast lake
Brundage Forest Pittsburg, Ramblewood Rd. Moderate Bog pond, some views
Round Pond Pittsburg Easy Large pond, camps, woods
First Lake Trail Pittsburg, off Camp Otter Rd. Lengthy Flagged only, lake, woodland
Mt. Magalloway Pittsburg, Magalloway Rd. Tough Summit, tower
Garfield Falls Magalloway Rd., remote Easy Waterfall
Flume in the River Pittsburg. Mile off Rte. 3 Tough Flagged only. Powerful flume
Second Lake Pittsburg, off Route 3 Easy Vast lake view
Second Lake Trail Pittsburg Lengthy Flagged only, tough going
Deer Mt. Campground Pittsburg, off Route 3 Easy Camping, hikes
Deer Mt. Trail Officially closed, off Rt. 3 Tough Remote, summit
Moose Flowage Pittsburg, Rt. 5 Snomo Tr. Moderate Bogs, moose
Route 5 Snowmobile Trail Northern Pittsburg Lengthy Remote, boreal
Third Connecticut Lake Northern Pittsburg, off Rt. 3 Easy Remote lake
Fourth Lake Trail U.S./Canadian Border Tough Headwater fen
Boundary Mts., border clearing U.S./Canadian Border Tough Not well cleared

Nash Stream Area

Trail or Destination Where Rank Feature
Kilkenny Ridge Trail South Pond to Rogers Ledge Lengthy Cliffs, forest
Kilkenny Ridge Trail South Pond to The Horn Strenuous Ponds, Mt. view
Kilkenny Ridge Trail South Pond to Devil's Hopyard Easy Ice Gulch
Bald Mt. Trail North Road, Stark Moderate Notch, forest
Old Summer Club Trail From Christine Lake, Stark Lengthy Summits
Victor Head Trail Off Old Summer Club Trail Tough Cliffs
South Percy Trail Off Percy Peaks Trail Tough Summit, slabs
Percy Peaks Trail Off Nash Stream Road Tough Summit, slabs
Percy Loop Trail Off Nash Stream Road Tough Summit, forest
Pond Brook Falls Trail Off Nash Stream Road Easy Waterfall
East Side Trail Off Nash Stream Road Easy Bog, views

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