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Dixville Notch

Information on the community pages will be varied according to the information which is available. Any pertinent news concerning our communities will be posted as well as town government information for the incorporated areas.

Unity of Connections ready to help

Unity of Connections is a social networking group based on the hopes, dreams and concerns of people in communities in the Berlin, Milan Gorham area. They meet once a month at local coffee shops such as One Bean Street and Tea Birds to collect their hopes, dreams and concerns that are placed in their "tool box". Each member takes one of the hopes, dream or concerns that has been written down and the group discusses and brainstorms on how they can make a dream or hope come true.
The group is in the process of developing an effective team of networkers to better their connections. They have successfully connected with someone who had a dream of wanting a friend to meet with for lunch. They made that connection for this person and their relationship continues to grow today. They had many concerns for the mill that they discussed and a one of the hopes of having a Mexican restaurant as a co-op in Berlin.
Unity of Connections is in the process of filing for non-profit status to provide funds to make connections; maybe pay for someone's meal or a summer picnic connecting people in the community. The group is growing stronger and is willing and ready to help people in the community. They are all about developing relationships.
Wouldn't it be a better world if everyone took one person under their wing to support in some way, maybe a connection or just a person to talk to over coffee? Everyone has a gift to give and we can learn a lot from each other. Everybody needs a friend. They also have guest speakers as an incentive for the group at each meeting with topics ranging from history, art, along with presentations that will educate the group as well as the public on how to appropriately perceive people more clearly in the community. If you would like more information on V.O.C. or have a hope dream and concern call 752-1005 or 449-2214. Their strong team of social networkers will listen to make that connection for you if possible.


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